Every opportunity serves a purpose


I’ve been struggling with myself over the last few days. Another opportunity presented itself and I said “NO thankyou” 🤔

I wondered …

Why aren’t I seizing the opportunity?
What is the right path for me?

And I started to doubt myself and my direction

My thoughts have been messy
My emotions have been overwhelming
My energy has been low

Yesterday, I woke feeling like my body was out of alignment and emotional sensitivity that had me feeling way TOO damn much at once !!!

The last few days I’ve been surfing my feelings like waves, doing my best to flow with each rise and fall without drowning. Listening to music when I walked helped me to connect and flow with my feelings. Writing helped me to make sense of my messy thoughts. Mindful masturbation helped my creative energy flow.

I knoooow, any excuse for a fiddle 🤣

Yesterday, a bee buzzed around the window sill on his back. My heart felt his struggle, so I flipped him over and took him outside, where he flew off happily … and I smiled ☺

As I walked, listening to music, I thought how bizzare it is that whenever I feel the most alone on my path, I feel a stronger sense of spirit and Mam’s presence. I looked down and noticed a small white feather … and I smiled ☺

I believe synchronicities are meaningful coincidences and conversations with spirit. I believe that nothing happens by chance. Everything serving a purpose for the greater good when we walk a road less travelled.

Last night I had a restless night of dreamings, but woke feeling a little more confident in my choices and more certain of my direction.

Acknowledging that opportunities have been an opportunity for me to clarify my intention. To stay focused on my BIGGER dreams.

While sitting at the kitchen table this morning, sipping on my cuppa, I soaked up the beauty. Frost on the ground, a clear blue sky, the warm sun shining, birds and squirrels busily going to and fro, deer in the far fields and I had my very first sighting of a beautiful red fox

Today I’ve had some discomfort in my womb, suggesting my hormones are flowing intune with this months wolf FULL MOON eclipse.

My she wolf dances in the woods may have had more significance than I realized. I’ve prewarned my collegue that I’m setting my alarm for tonights eclipse and I may feel the urge to dance naked in the woods 🤣

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