Seeing results !!!


YES … I’m a tad excited … can ya tell ? 🤣

NO … we’re not having this for dinner 🤣

I’ve been eating clean for 7 days …

Breakfast – porridge with water & milk
Lunch – salads + protein (tuna, egg or bacon)
Dinner – veges + protein (meat, fish or chicken)

I’ve increased my water intake and only drinking tea (mostly dandelion root)

I weighed myself this morning and have lost 4.8kg. Being the visual person I am, I’m holding 3kg of potatoes and 1kg of carrots.

WOW … Imagine that much excess fluid and fat has been released from my body and I can honestly say, it hasn’t been difficult to do.

My sugar withdrawal only lasted one day and because I temporarily cut out sugar and carbs completely, I haven’t been tortured by cravings.
My appetite has reduced, my energy levels and motivation have increased and I feel GOOD !!!

It’s Easter Sunday tomorrow and Dad’s bought a stash of chocolate for our annual egg dump. I’m not sure if I’m gonna indulge because I know once I put sugar back into my body, I’ll begin to crave again. So, while I’m seeing such positive results I may keep going as I am 😊

PS … I’m not sharing to brag !!!

My intention is to inspire ❤

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