Triggers guide us towards our attachments


I’ve been contemplating and processing about my recent triggers. So thought I’d share some of my realizations and releases this New Moon

What is a trigger ?

It’s an emotional response to something that triggers a memory. Back to a past traumatic, challenging or hurtful experience, which hasn’t been fully processed, felt and released.

Why does this matter if it’s from the past ?

Because our attachments to the past hold us back from being fully present to live in the moment. Attachments in general limits energy flow, causes imbalance, hinders inner harmony and prevents the body’s natural ability to heal.

Hence why I drift between past, present, future

I notice how I sometimes struggle to be fully present in the moments when I’m challenged with an uncomfortable situation. Working in Aged Care, caring for Dad’s end of life and my relationships are my biggest triggers at the moment. Some experiences have triggered my limited beliefs that are holding me back.

Yes, believe it or not even I, the woman who is open and expressive still holds onto stuff. But I’m mindful of how my resistance to let go and release limits, blocks and holds me back.

This is why I’m called to dive IN to explore my deeper thoughts and feelings during most New Moon cycles. And it’s why I try to live in a state of surrender. So I can be fully present and flow with as much love and honesty as I can.

Triggers are like signposts because they guide us IN towards the limitation that’s holding us back from actualizing our truest potential. Our triggers serve an important purpose, so be grateful to those who trigger a reaction from you. Truth is, without them you would have less opportunity to learn, heal and grow.

When we blame others for our experiences instead of taking full responsibility for our choices, we only limit and hold ourselves back.

When we are triggered we will either …

React in fear (or) respond with love

Sometimes my defences are up and I react, triggering the other persons defenses, which prevents open communication to occur.

Sometimes I PAUSE and choose to walk away or I stay silent, because I need time to process  and feel what has arisen before I communicate

Sometimes my response is an open and honest conversation, that cultivates deeper connections and initiates positive change.

I react when I’m unaware and unconscious of my trigger. I’m responsive when I’m aware and mindful of my inner tensions and conflicts. And I respond with open and honest conversation when someone or something pushes a button that no longer triggers a reaction. I celebrate when this happens because it suggests that I have successfully released an attachment.

This New Moon brought many things to the surface to be seen, processed, felt and accepted. It’s my intention to release what no longer serves my greater good. I was able to move through the pain, the pattern and the old stories playing in my mind. I’m walking my way to a different ending, creating NEW stories ❤

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