Releasing the OLD stories …


Sometimes shit happens that triggers my inner demons. Someone may say or do something that triggers a defensive reaction and I notice my negative self talk firing up …

“You’re not good enough”
“You’re TOO much woman for one man”
“You’re not worthy of the love you seek”
“You’re destined to wander alone in life”
“You don’t deserve the kinda love you hope for”
“You’re better off alone”

Yip, the tragedies of my love life …

Hmmmmmm, she ponders πŸ€”

Thoughts that make me feel like total SHIT !!!

These shitful experiences, however shitful and at times hurtful, guide us IN towards a wound that’s still afflicting us, a fear that’s still protecting us or a belief that’s still limiting us.


Let’s clarify …

You DO need to FEEL it before you RELEASE it

So, ALLOW yourself to get fucking messy πŸ’”

Break OPEN, fall down, let the tears flow from your heart when you can’t find the words to express your pain. Get fucking mad at the fuckery of the fucking fuckers and SCREAM, so the grief can leave your lungs. Let the ache grumble in your guts, then have a BIG shit 😜

Become AWARE of the mind-body connection because this is your FLOW. Expressing and releasing our emotions is how we keep the energy flowing through our body.

Accept, welcome and celebrate these shitful little moments and turn that steaming hot shit into fertilzer for YOUR growth πŸ’©

BE GRATEFUL to the fuckers who disappoint and hurt you, because their actions are shit, but their souls are fucking beautiful 🌟

Having an OPEN heart is a wonderful state of BEING because I seriously LOVE everybody. Yup, even the fuckers who hurt me ❀ I used to “think” this was a vulnerable state of being to BE in. Hence my defensive reactions, but now I know better 😊 I no longer believe everything I think, so I’m no longer confined to the limitations of my mind. I now totally TRUST my beautiful, messy and fucking mighty heart πŸ’“

So, this post is for the wonderful weirdos who love me, the poor bastards who lost me and the lucky fuckers who are yet to meet me …


Fall in love with life, heal your own heart and GROW into the best version of yourself, then go out and share that kinda beautiful rainbow magic with the world β€πŸŒ»πŸ’šπŸŒ·πŸ’›πŸŒΊπŸ’œπŸŒΉπŸ’™

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