The SEE’er doesn’t have psychic abilities, she shares insights


As a SEEKER I ask alot of questions …

If death isn’t the opposite of life, but a part of life, then why are we so afraid of death ? If life and death is an illusion because we’re all in a constant state of transformation, then why does death feel so final ? If death is the only 100% certainty in life, then why don’t we fully embrace and accept death for what it is ?

Hmmmmm 🤔 she ponders

I’m not a religious woman, but I am a spiritual BEing and my FAITH is strong. Faith that’s often tested when I confront my own fears, but I no longer fight it. I dive in deeper and disect my fears, to determine what the fuckers are feeding on. Because I don’t want fear to limit me, I want LOVE to motivate all of my choices

As an Aged Care nurse, I have an acceptance of death, but I still fear loosing those I love.

Hmmmmm 🤔 she ponders

There’s no escaping death at the moment because it dances around Dad every day, tormenting us with it’s presence. I go to work and see death lingering in the shadows, waiting for it’s next soul to deliver. So, it’s no surprise that death also finds me in my dreams. The details of my dreamings are irrelevant, but the message is always clear.

It’s not death we fear, its the changes that loss brings. Loss forces us to confront our greatest fears and takes us to the depths of our despair. Although I accept death, I struggle with loss because my greatest fear is that death is final. So I dig a little deeper and these questions come to mind.

What if death IS the end ?
What if there is no light ?
What if we’re comsumed by darkness ?
What if we fail to exist anymore ?

Arrggghhhhh !!!!

Existential crisis in progress …

Who the fuck am I anyways ?
What’s the point of all this seeking ?
Why bother if there is no spirit ?
WTF does Universe want from me ?

I sat with these deeper questions in contemplation. Observing the thoughts flowing in and out of my mind, allowing the emotions to rise and fall, feeling the inner tensions within my body.
Until my mind was silent and my heart calm, then the insights began to flow.

Regardless of our faith based beliefs, we all tend to agree that there’s a higher power. I’m more comfortable calling this The Source of All Creation, because I understand it as being an energy, more than taking a form. Hence my resonance with Nature and Universe, but whether we believe that death brings eternal darkness or everlasting light is irrelevant. Because no one really knows until we cross that threshold ourselves. What matters most is how our beliefs influence our lives NOW.

Truth be told, even if the atheists are right and there isn’t anything after death, there IS an unexplained energy in the here and now. As a woman who appreciates both scientific and spiritual truths, I trust that the experiences I keep having are serving a far greater purpose.

As a SEE’er I focus on the messages ❤

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