Seeking support for my soul


I’m reflecting over the reike and card reading I had yesterday …

I was in dire need of some assistance with an energy cleanse and balance. I decided not to tell her anymore than that, because I wanted to ensure that spirit was guiding her. She suggested doing reike before reading the cards, to ensure I was in equilibrium. So from the get go she recognized my needs. Laying on the table, I focused on surrendering to the process and my breath, while she began to clear my chakra centres.

As energy shifted, I experienced the odd sharp pain in my back, under the shoulder blades, which I attributed to the grief in my lungs. I felt the usual heaviness in my head, and as expected, waves of emotion released from my heart. Uncontrollable waves of energy that made my face quiver, like an ugly cry. My eyes rolled and my body trembled, but only a single tear fell from my eye, which I thought was odd.

Afterwards she said I had alot of dark energy around my thighs, legs and feet. It wasn’t negative but it was a void. As if I was refinding my sense of security and in search of my tribe. She cried, when she told me that my heart chakra was open and almost crystalized, and one of the purest she had ever experienced. She recognized that I’m usually able to clear and balance my own energies, but understood it was too heavy for me to clear and balance alone.

Yup, she was guided by spirit ❤

Although I had been preparing my heart for Christie’s transition, the confirmation of her death threw my soul into a state of despair. And I’ve already acknowledged how our parents death, has shaken my foundations and it triggers my yearning for external support.

Having told her nothing about my inner conflicts, I was confident the cards would now offer the clarify I seeked.

A card flew out while I shuffled, so we set it aside. It was a dark, but receptive “feminine energy” card, that reflected my need to retreat into the void, to balance and heal. To be in a place that enables me to work with my divine Goddess power. Affirming that I’ll know when its time to come back into the bigger world.

She suggested, while Moon was in her darkest phase, to draw upon the stars. To leave a glass of water outside, asking it to be infused with star energy, then drink it when I wake. Having had many reincarnations, she said this will help my soul receive what it needs to bring the past and present together.

Yup, the work I’m doing in my nest 🌟

The first card she drew was the “inner child” reaffirming my need to nurture and express this part of myself. Clarifying how my creative flow will benefit from this energy. To release myself from high expectations and create from a place of joy. This is how I’ll write from my highest self and serve the Greater Good, which will support others and attract my tribe.

She drew two fire cards next, that represented my passion and rebirth. A willpower card, that represented my ability to uplift others and empower their power centres. But she clarified a need to strengthen my own solar plexus, so I can stand more confidently in my knowings.

Hence my need to retreat into my cave

The Lapis Lazuli card was drawn in my relationship sector. I was intuitively drawn to this crystal afew days ago. It helps to access higher realms of understanding, which I felt I needed. She affirmed my ability to see the path that others take, but clarified a need to stay true to my own path.

The courage card was in the communication aspect, which reinforced my need to have the courage to take my writing to another level. She got goosybumps when she spoke about this, which we both knew was a good sign from spirit. Clarifying my need to heal and PLAY, so that I can create from a place of joy and healing.

My message from spirit was a fire sign and new beginning. Although unsure how it will evolve, it clarified a connection I was feeling.

She talked about the reprogramming of the software in my mind. And I got goosybumps because it’s the process I’ve been trusting …

To break free from the limitations of my mind, which is our cultural conditioning, that creates the collective conscience. To BE more fully in my heart space, so I can FREE the spirit and connect with Source energy. This is my understanding of our spiritual awakenings.

Yes ❤ Yes ❤ Yes ❤ Yes ❤

The final card she drew in the centre was the Moldavite, which represented transformation. She said the changes I’m going through aren’t small because this was a storm card.

Major life changes !!!

After the reading we spoke about how to strengthen the bridge between our hemispheres. How our soul seeks to deepen understandings, broaden perspectives, increase awareness and expand consciousness for the Greater Good. I was glad I went because I came out feeling a little less conflicted and a little more certain of myself.

Grateful for the support I received ❤

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