BE the love you seek


I’m not one to toot my own horn,
but sometimes
we have to blow our own bubbles.

Not because our ego demands it,
but because we finally believe
the truth of who we are.

I am a woman of substance,
striving to live a life that matters.

A participant,
not a spectator.

I have a brilliant mind,
and a warrior’s heart.
My spirit is strong
and the vessel I inhabit
is a soft and sensual body.

The fleshy goodness of my BEing

I wasn’t just made for love.
I was fucking created for it.

My very BEing screams LOVE

YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!

I am worthy of what my heart desires
I am worthy of creating my dreams.

My heart guides me towards it.
My soul knows it.
But I needed to change my mind.
To liberate myself from old stories.

I am not TOO much
I am more than enough
I am worthy of love

Because I am LOVE

Love isn’t something we seek
Love isn’t something we earn
Love isn’t something we buy
Love isn’t something we deserve

LOVE is something we ARE

It flows as freely as the rivers flow.
Can be felt regardless of our emotions.
Love doesn’t flow from an idea,
or a thought in our heads.
It’s not dependant on conditions or rules.

Love breaks ALL the rules.

It’s a way of BEing in this world.
Considered radical by those who sleep.

LOVE isn’t lost when a loved one dies,
it doesn’t know time or space.
When love is shared,
it’s eternal.

Forever and Always ❤

It doesn’t matter if a relationship
flourishes with growth,
or if it withers away to nothing.

LOVE doesn’t give a fuck
who said what.
It doesn’t care who’s to blame.
There is no tit for tat,
or karma drama bullshit.

LOVE forgives

LOVE isn’t dependant
upon what another
does or doesn’t do for us

It just IS

LOVE doesn’t subside into friendship,
because it can’t be diluted.

LOVE knows no such boundaries.

Our minds think the thoughts
Our hearts feel the emotions
But our spirit IS the love

LOVE is the light
that radiates from our soul.
And it can be seen,
through the eyes.

It’s the sparkle we see.

Like moths,
we’re drawn to the light.

A soul recognizes itself,
when its reflected back.

Like mirrors,
we see what we’re looking at,
or what’s missing.

Like magnets,
we attract what we are.

BE the love you seek,
and together
lets BE the change we want to see.

Guess what …

Those of us crazy enough
to believe we can change the world.
Usually DO ✌😍

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