Come take a walk with me …


On my walk home from work the other day, I decided to take a different route. It was hot as fuck and I was tired, so I was trying to find a quicker way back. I took a short cut through a park, that joined onto the road I was heading for. I was walking against the wind, but it was a welcomed relief from the heat. Although it made me work a little harder, the warm wind blew the sweat from my face, which helped to make me feel a little cooler.

As I walked through the park, I didn’t know there was a shop there. I noticed a young chubby woman fussing around her car, that was parked outside the nursery. She was wearing a grey tshirt, a short black skirt and a pair of thongs on her feet. As I approached, I watched her re-arranging the plant pots in the boot. She had a blonde bobbed hair cut, that was all messed up from the wind. She was wearing silver rimmed glasses and looked kinda nerdy, but she was cute.

When I reached her she was standing on her tippy toes, leaning into the boot. She didn’t acknowledge my presence with a smile. Instead I came face to face with her bare arse. I was surprised, amused and a little aroused by her confidence if I’m honest. She must have felt the wind blowing around her bare cheeks. She must have known her arse was on show. Maybe she was too distracted by the plant pots? Perhaps she liked how the wind felt on her skin? Maybe she liked knowing people were looking at her arse? It’s a nice arse, why wouldn’t she be proud of it. I’d flash mine if it looked like that.

I kept on walking, thinking to myself how nice it was to appreciate another woman’s body, without feeling the pangs of insecurity or the stings of jealousy. I thought about insensitive partners who’ve crossed the line of admiration. I thought about how those men have made me feel insecure about my own body, having not expressed the same admirations for mine. So I made a promise to myself. To stop pointing out my flaws and start admiring my own body. To love my flattened peachy arse.

Then I noticed a middle aged man walking down the road towards me. He was tall and heavy set, but he didn’t walk tall and proud. His shoulders were hunched and he leaned forward as he walked. He was taking big strides, so he was approaching fast. He was wearing red shorts and a green buttoned shirt. Carrying an empty Coles shopping bag, that was blowing around his knees. His hair was longish, black and greasy. He was walking with the wind, so his hair was blowing all over his face, which was sticking to his facial stubble.

As he got closer I couldn’t help but smile at his style. He was wearing an Hawaiian shirt with surfing Santa’s on. I was amused because he looked like a festive grump, with the scowl on his face. Ho ho fucking ho. Like the young girl, he didn’t look my way me either. For a moment I actually wondered if I was visible. Maybe they can’t see me? Perhaps I’m not really here? Maybe my body’s in bed sleeping already? Perhaps I’m dream walking?

No, he just seemed a little shy and awkward. So he was avoiding eye contact. Focused on keeping his hair out of his face and getting to the shop to fill his bag. I chuckled to myself because he was heading towards the young girl. I wondered if he was gonna get a flash too

As I reached the top of the road, I was over taken by two young men on my right. They were chatting and seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. I didn’t get a good look at their faces, but one of them was taller than the other, with broad shoulders. His skin was sun kissed and he had a tattoo on his upper arm.

My body automatically responds to a man with  height, broad shoulders, big hands and a sexy smile. I don’t mean to sound crude, but it’s like instant lubricant to my loins. As a woman in her sexual prime, my imagination went wild and I thought to myself. I need a younger lover, with stamina to satisfy my sexual appetite.

As I turned the corner, I looked back on the road I had just walked and smiled to myself. I wonder where the next path with lead me? I wonder what other unexpected things I’ll see? I wonder what other delights await me?

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