Sharing my kinda magic …

I love and appreciate the warmth of the sun,

but after hot n humid days, its wonderful to feel the cool n crisp air.

I’ve been watching the rain falling all afternoon.

There was no sun setting at dusk.

Instead the clouds hovered above the trees and the fog drifted in,

The cicadas played their noisy tune and the frogs joined in the chorus.

I love how the forest comes alive when it rains.

The trees look, sound, smell and feel different.

I sense their enjoyment as the water falls upon their leaves,

and down their trunks.

I can hear their contented sighs as the water quenches their thirst.

I feel grounded,

Connected to Nature, to Universe and to Source energy.

As I inhale the Earths scent, I feel nothing but love filling up my lungs.

My thoughts begin to flow …

Im thinking about where I am and where Ive been

About all the wonderful places Ive seen and stayed.

A realization …

We dont need to own something to be able to experience and enjoy it.

Im thinking about the experiences Ive had and am having.

A realization …

The journey is full of so many important lessons.

I have nothing, yet I have everything I need-

A realization …

Sometimes taking a giant leap of faith.

only requires us to take a small step in the right direction.

My heart feels a strong sense of gratitude.

For the path Im walking and the life Im living.

I feel a sense of freedom I haven’t felt before.

A realization that Ive finally broken FREE from a materialistic world.

Experiencing life without the pressure and stress of money

And everything is OK 

Im having a completely NEW experience with people I’ve never met before,

yet I feel safe, secure and supported.

My mind feels clearer and my spirit feels lighter.

Every day I get a little more enthusiastic about the day ahead of me,

and I feel my passion for life returning with even more fire.

I feel liberated from my doubts and fears.

Excited about the adventures that await me.

Whatever they may be.

There is NO settling for me,

because I wasn’t created to live inside the zones of comfort.

Im made from star dust, wishes and magical things.

A BEing of love and light here to create a life that feels good on the inside.

And thats the kinda magic Im here to share with YOU 🌟

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