My daily meditation practice …


Getting outside with the trees when the Sun rises, to stretch my body. Its a delicious feeling, to lean into a stretch and feel it OPENING your body. I’m not flexible so I know I need to do this daily (known for years just haven’t listened).

I also set my daily intentions of LOVE 💚

By standing in front of the Sun, so I can feel the warmth of his divine energy. Grounding myself by connecting to the Earth, so I can feel her divine energy. Acknowledging that the sacred masculine and feminine energies flow through my BEing. If I’m already OPEN then I feel the presence of our beloved parents. That’s when I usually cry because I feel both the LOVE and the loss in my heart. I notice how my thoughts try to pull me away, towards the stories that are attached. I label them as ‘thinking’ and keep my eyes OPEN, so I can remain fully present with the opening sensation happening in my heart.

I put my hands together in pray 🙏

Inviting other energetic sources of LOVE into my BEing. From Gaia, the ancestral Goddess and Creator of ALL life on Earth. Universe, the Source of ALL Creation and the Nature Spirits and Angels who walk with and guide me.

If I’m OPEN I feel in a state of BLISS and as ONE with ALL. I believe that ANYTHING is possible. I feel seen, heard, understood, held, supported and LOVED for everything I am, everything I’m not and everything I will BE.

Unconditional LOVE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

In this state of BEing I intentionally expand my compassionate heart towards the grief and suffering of others. Connecting to the collective conscience, IN-haling fear and EX-haling LOVE until I feel calm and at peace.

I don’t always get to this point in my meditation, which is WHY it’s a daily practice. I’m sharing it with you because it’s one way I’m staying open to the flow during these times of uncertainty. If we can ALL take 10 minutes in our day to OPEN our mind, body and spirit then it helps.

Have a blessed day y’all 😊 I love YOU 💗

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