We have the power to CHOOSE …


The other day …
My mind was challenging me
Thoughts drifted in/out most of the day
An experience I decided to sit with
Rather than distract myself from
My thoughts were like visitors
Popping in and out all day long
Some energised me
While others drained me
I felt weary
Why didn’t I switch off ?
Why didn’t I tune in ?
Because I was choosing
How my thoughts drifted
Into either story and/or emotion
And how that influenced my energy
WHY ???
I didn’t really know
I just knew I was struggling with myself
So I leaned into it
The thoughts drifting in
Towards the stories attached
And how they made me feel
The memories replaying
And emotions rising
How a thought turns into a story
How we decide to follow it (or) not
How we feel when we do (or) don’t
Yesterday I flowed with this experience
And by the end of the day
I was energetically worn out
I noticed my craving for male company
And instead of denying this truth
I acknowledged my wantings and neediness
My wants and needs weren’t satisfied
Forced to accept that I am alone
And how that made me feel
I went to bed with an OLD familiar story
Experiencing the loneliness of solitude
Truth is we ALL have days like that
And there will be others
Because like you
I don’t always make the right choices
Sometimes my inner demons get hungry
And I feed them
Sometimes external influences
Penetrate into my energy field
And I don’t have the energy to fight them
Even the Warriors of Light
Are challenged with their own minds
Perhaps that’s WHY I choose to NOTICE ?
So I could SHARE with you today
That we ALL need to discover our power

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