Magick is essentially the higher understanding of Nature


I had a sudden and unexpected experience this morning, that significantly shifted the focus of my writing.

A bird flew into the window and dropped down dead.

Birds often fly into windows because they either don’t see the glass and are flying towards what they see through the window (or) they fly towards their own reflection because they think its another bird. However, many cultures consider this to be an omen, and whether it’s a positive or negative message will depend upon the beliefs of those interpreting it.

Whatever our beliefs are, it’s telling us to take NOTICE !!!

I receive many messages from Nature, so I’ve learned the importance of noticing what I was doing, thinking and feeling at the time of the interaction. Many believe that birds are God’s messengers, providing a bridge between the spiritual and physical world. Having had some divine experiences with birds, I agree, which is why I consider the spiritual significance. I appreciate that these experiences are a form of communication with Universe, which I understand to BE the Source of ALL Creation (whatever form it may take or label we give it). As a Nature Loving Witchy Wild Woman, I’m open and receptive to Nature, which is why spirit communicates with me in that way.

Although I usually instinctively know what the message is, my objective mind still tends to seek validation. Whenever I investigate the spiritual significance of my interaction, my knowing is always confirmed, and the message is gratefully received. The more confirmation I receive, the stronger my FAITH grows and the easier it is for me to TRUST the unknown.

The shift from FEAR to LOVE …

… is a multidimensional and ongoing experience for me.

Those are the kinda messages I have always shared, but the call to share is getting even stronger. Its WHY I’m here, alone during these uncertain and challenging times of change. Focusing my time and energy on creating the NEW. Diving IN and staying OPEN to receive the messages that many of us need to hear …

Myself included.

After sharing Facebook memories of Easter with my family, I was upset and had been crying because I was feeling the loss of our parents from our lives. As I stood outside under the SUN I felt a strong sense of spirit, which motivated me to write about how the SUN and MOON influences my mind, body and spirit.

As I was laying outside on the day bed, I thought to myself,

“ How beautiful this place is ”

The morning sun was shining through the trees onto the ferns, the birds and insects were doing their thing and I was feeling blessed to be feeling like I am a part of it all. I was only a paragraph into my writing when I looked up and seen the bird flying straight for the window. I could only watch in horror as he flew towards what he thought were the trees. His head hit the window and with a loud bang he fell down to the floor, dead.


When I saw his lifeless body on the ground my heart opened, and I cried as if I had just lost someone I loved. I felt an overwhelming connection to this beautiful creature and felt the shock and sorrow of his sudden death. I noticed how it triggered memories of loss, which only intensified my grief.

For a moment I wanted someone else to deal with it. For a moment I wanted to call the owner and ask her to bring a shovel. For a moment I wanted a man to bury him. For a moment I didn’t want to be alone. For a moment I didn’t want to BE where I was, which was with the sudden shock of an unexpected death.

Then that moment past …

I cried as I swaddled him in a piece of material that I ripped from a sarong. I cried as I dug a shallow grave with the bread knife (improvisation). I cried as I felt a strong connection to Goddess when my hands were in the dirt and I cried when I buried his little body under a tree.

I wondered …

How could I possibly feel grief for this little creature?

How can I feel sorrow when I don’t have an emotional attachment to him?

A voice whispered …

You feel it because you FEEL a connection to him

And that’s the moment I knew what the COLLECTIVE message was …

Unexpected disruption and change bring a sense of fear to our lives, which is intensified by the presence of death. We fear loss in any shape or form and struggle to accept it as being an important part of life. When we allow fear to take control of our mind, we miss the opportunity to stay fully present with our hearts and …

… BE the LOVE

I’m learning when we FEEL life as it really IS, we consciously and mindfully allow sorrow to flow as freely through our BEing as joy, but it requires OPENNESS. 

An OPEN heart will feel the pain of grief, but not suffer when it doesn’t hold onto the sorrow. An OPEN mind will see beyond the veil of ego, allowing the (3)rd eye to SEE the beauty of loss. Enabling us to feel the LOVE even when we’re in the presence of death.

I cried tears of GRATITUDE

Understanding WHY fear had made its presence known over the last few days. Understanding WHY Universe has placed me here, alone during this time. Understanding WHY the message was delivered today (the day before New Moon in Taurus, which happens to be Dad’s star sign). Understanding WHY I’ve felt drawn to and am attracting conversations with ex partners. Understanding WHY I see how both our personal and the collective wounds have and DO influence our choices and experiences. Understanding my own challenges in relationship with other. Acknowledging how my own wounds and fears have held me back from growing together in LOVE.

YES, I agree with superstition that a bird flying into the window IS an omen

YES, I do believe I’m experiencing a metaphysical death and positive change

YES, I’m ready to RELEASE myself from the stress, struggle and suffering

YES, I will lean into this months New Moon with less fear

After writing this, I PAUSED for a while …

Standing on the deck gazing out into the forest of trees, watching the Autumn leaves gently falling onto the ground. Acknowledging that I’m in the right hemisphere at the right time because this is my time to RELEASE and let go of what no longer serves my highest good. Thinking to myself how very grateful I am to be supported to fully privilege and honour this experience.

In that moment a beautiful BIG butterfly danced around me and I cried

The energy of our BE-loved Mother (Nature) and Father (Universe) flows through every single one of us ALWAYS and FOREVER

Blessed BE ❤️


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