Letting GO …

letting go4

Today .. I’m feeling a little emotional as I physically LET GO of some emotional attachments to the past. I’ll be honest, I wasnt expecting to feel this way … I mean who cries over a book-case and a dismantled bed for fooksakes ? ? ?

past        past2

Someone who appreciates the sentimental value of our belongings

Someone who remembers buying them with her husband as they began their life together and became a family

Someone who believes that our energies are transferred into those things we love

Someone who has many memories attached to them


I sat at my sisters place the other day. Her daughter in the chair fiddling with her phone, pretending not to be listening to what we were yakking on about. Her son in his bedroom chatting to my son about computer games. Her dogs sitting at the back door waiting patiently for their evening meal. Her cat prowling around the house being mischievous. Her husband busying himself in the back yard …

… and my heart ached a little


Dont get me wrong, I have no regrets about my life choices … but letting go of those final pieces of furniture, reminded me of how we can sometimes become attached to how we think our lives should be, instead of embracing ALL of what our life could be


I’ve been consciously moving through my own process of healing. Letting go of all the hurts and disappointments that keep pulling me back from living the life I want. And the more I do … the more I want to let go and free fall into life

letting go2

When we focus our attention on our own thinking, feeling, being and doing … we begin to realize how our own thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours influence our experiences … we begin to understand how we are holding ourselves back … and we begin to experience a sense of freedom when we LET GO


I imagine a life with less attachments and more connections

I imagine a life with less excuses not to and more reasons TO DO

I imagine a life with less baggage that holds me back and more freedom to let me go

I imagine a life with less unstimulating routines and more wonderful adventures

I imagine a life with less stress and more excitement

I imagine a life with less fear and more LOVE


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