2015 Reflections

new year3.jpg

As one year comes to an end, another year of possibilities await us

I farewell 2015 with mixed emotions, as I reflect over my experiences

This time last year I was conflicted between what was happening in my life and what I wanted to happen. It was New Years eve 2014 and I hadn’t long returned back to Australia from the UK, after spending time with the man I was still in love with, to determine if we were going to gain closure or begin a life together in the UK. The man who claimed to love me too, yet he kept giving me reasons why he couldn’t yet tell his wife that his marriage was over because he was in love with another woman, excuses that continued until April. As the months passed by it became painfully clear that he either doubted our love or was still in love with his wife. So, I decided that I was no longer willing to feel like an option in his life and I certainly didn’t want to continue being the “other woman” …

My heart shattered into pieces when he let me walk away AGAIN, knowing very well how deeply I loved him


Another heartbreak to recover from
Another broken dream
Another hard lesson learned

But I have no regrets because I will always choose to follow my heart and believe in LOVE ♡ regardless of what others may think is best for me …


Because I believe that my heart always guides me towards experiences that serve an important purpose in my growth. The more I trust the process of change, the more I understand that sometimes the things I want, aren’t always what I need, however difficult it is to accept …

Does that make it easier to let go ? … NO

new year4

2015 has been another challenging year. I allowed love back into my life, even though I was still recovering from a broken heart. So, another heartbreak literally broke me wide open, but this time I made a different choice. Instead of focusing on mending the broken pieces of my heart, I decided to spend time exploring my truths and looked deeper inside of myself, which brought me towards a completely different experience …

Instead of recovering I was healing ♡

Reflecting over the year coming to an end, I can’t help but smile, because I understand that sometimes we must experience a loss to gain something much more valuable in its place …


My journal entries highlighted my goals for 2015 …

  • To loose weight and get fit (an ongoing battle)
  • To move over to the UK and start a new life with the man I love
  • To become a Wellness Coach by 2016
  • To be a Counselor in Aged Care
  • To be a Writer
  • To increase my income

What DID I successfully achieve ???

  • I got fatter
  • I walked away from the man I love
  • I focused on my own well being
  • I became more frustrated with Aged Care
  • I started writing
  • I worked less and so earned less

Hmmmmm … things rarely go as planned (wink) hahahaha

new year8.jpg

“Where our focus goes our energy will flow”

My time and energy was spent on comforting myself through emotional times and regaining a new sense of direction. Writing has become a very important part of my healing process, which has led me towards living a more creative and conscious life and is guiding me in another direction, towards my wildest fantasies and greatest dreams ~~~☆☆☆


I’ve experienced some profound spiritual movements and energetic shifts that have shaken up my world. The more truths I expose, the more hurts I acknowledge and the more fears I confront …

the more OPEN I become to RECEIVE

new year 10

“What’s NEW about what I do” ?
What INGREDIENT tastes like me” ?
What’s my FLAVOUR” ?

I think it’s …. the JOURNEY 

My professional and personal development has been an important process of pragmatic thinking and inquiry based learning, which has led me towards experiences that hopefully provide me with a more holistic perspective …

CARING – compassion of HEART
NURSING – physiology of BODY
PSYCHOLOGY – philosophy of MIND
COUNSELLING – communication of EMOTION
and my recent interest …


new years 11.png

What does this mean for my future 2016 goals ?


… that the JOURNEY continues !!!

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