Come walk with me …


Come walk with me and let me show you what it is that I see …

I see a new day is dawning

I see a new chapter is beginning

I see a new year full of opportunities and possibilities that await us


I see wide open seas and a vast ocean of flowing tides, with waves that lap up against the shore and invite us to dip our toes

I see the sun casting an amazing show of light and shadow, as she reflects her brightness down upon us


I see contemplators quietly seated on the sands, reflecting over what was

I see hopeful hearts meandering closely to the waters edge, wondering if what they wish for … could be ?

I see lovers embraced warm and tenderly in each others arms, lingering in the moments, as they stand drenched in feelings of love


I see runners in music worlds, moving to the beat of their determination

I see bodies laying in sands, nursing headaches and hangovers

I see gatherings of people sharing in conversation, greeting passers by with a smile and a nod, while gazing upon the horizon

I see birds gracefully swooping and insects busily buzzing around


I see the ever changing cloud formations, that consistently create a variety of different shapes and patterns

I see an orb of light energized by the light of the sun, that keeps playfully appearing within my view


I see a beautiful and wonderful world before me, full of endless other world magic and limitless opportunity and possibility

I see another wonderful journey beginning to unfold …

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