Why BLOG ?


I created this blog with intentions of sharing my own process of change because it’s part of my own personal and professional development


I made a conscious choice to become more authentic and transparent in my helping role because I want to inspire and support others to stand more comfortably in their own truths, with less fear, shame and guilt


I share my own thoughts, feelings and experiences as part of my healing process because I want to support others as they acknowledge their own hurts, confront their own fears, challenge their own realities, change their own habits and transform their own lives


As I step into the new year I have an overwhelming sense of pride …

Life didn’t go as planned … but I flowed with each and every wave

I’m far from perfect … but I embrace all that makes me human

I don’t have all the answers … but I’m asking the right questions

I’m not where I thought I was going …

but I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be !!!

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