On the frontline


As a child, I would watch and listen to the grownups as they came back and forth from the battlefield. Back then I only caught glimpses and glances of the kind of destruction that you caused. I seen people falling into the arms of loved ones weeping. I heard conversations between friends and felt tension in the air, with little understanding of who you were.

As a woman, Ive stood on the side lines and got a little closer to you. I’ve seen how you devour the minds and flesh of those you inhabit. Have watched people go to war each and every day, as they fight to overcome the grasp you have on their lives. Ive sat in silent prayer with the brave souls who refuse to let go of hope and offered comfort and support to those who accept their fate, as you take their life force from them.

As a daughter, I stand before you on the frontline, as my Father prepares to fight his battle. With a desire to better understand the enemy who stands before us. I want to know who you are. For like us, you are energy with both strength and weakness. If fear empowers you and love can heal, I wonder, is our mission to defeat you in vein ?

As a healer, I sit with you and seek to better understand your intentions, your motivations and your purpose. I cant help but wonder if our internal battle serves to unite the forces within ourselves ? We fear you, yet you are a part of who we are. It makes no sense that we provoke you, then wonder why your strength and power grows. I find myself wondering, is cancer here to serve our greater good ? What if YOU are our greatest insight into healing love ?

Mindful interaction ❤

3 thoughts on “On the frontline

  1. Toni

    I understand where you are coming from with the positive and negative energies of everything which suggests that even cancer must have a positive. Every person and every family has their own journey when facing the struggle of cancer. For me, personally, cancer has touched our family several times. Each fight was different. The most defining war against cancer , for me, was my mother’s. I have had a tumultuous relationship with my Mum and her cancer fight redefined my relationship with her. She, of course, is unaware of my relationship struggles with her but her cancer knew. Her cancer knew that I needed to recognise her humanity , I needed to recognise her mortality, I needed to recognise her vulnerability and finally redefine to myself the boundaries of our relationship.

    I learned that there are things I can’t change , and that’s okay. I don’t like all of her personality traits, and that’s okay. I don’t agree with a lot of her ways of communicating with my children, and that’s okay. I don’t like how she often communicated with me, and that too is okay .

    I have learned to forgive my Mum for many things that she with consciously or subconsciously made me endure. I learned to forgive myself for my past negative feelings for her. I learned to recognise my Mum’s fragile humanity and see her as more than my Mum.



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