Dark Goddess


I remember the first time I experienced the powerful energy of a Dark Goddess within myself. She demanded with such authority to STAY OPEN !!!

No matter how much it hurts …
No matter how afraid you are …


she whispered,

        You are burning away the bullshit,
        you are peeling back the layers,
        you are shedding your skin,
        So, burn baby BURN,
        Let it hurt, let it bleed and RISE !!!

Whenever we feel the need to OPEN we are being blessed with the presence of Goddesses, such as Kali and Hecate, Lilith. Those powerful darker energies that help us to understand our shadow self.

Supporting us during our transformational shifts, guiding us back to our truest selves.

Lilith comes to support us in our quest for truth. Hecate comes to guide us through the shadow lands and Kali comes to support us in our shedding away of the old and is midwive during our rebirth.

Don’t fear their presence,
WELCOME the energies when you feel them near.

They say …

Break OPEN and FEEL the burn,
Allow the pain to bleed from the very depths of your aching heart. Remind yourself that your discomfort, your frustration, your pain, your uncertainty, your disappointment, your confusion and your suffering has nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with YOU !!!

It’s your GIFT

They reminds us …

That those who trigger an emotional response in us are our teachers. Souls who recognize our need to break open and seek our deepest truth.


So, dig deep and take back your power,
Reconnect with the magic flowing within you.

ALLOW it to transform you … and RISE 🤗

Mindfulinteraction ❤

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