Political rant


BRACE YOURSELF … a rant is coming 😜 hahaha

Decided it was time to jump on my pedistal and share some thoughts and feelings around all this political hoo haa that we’re seeing in our newsfeeds. I strongly believe that discussions are a great way to improve our understandings. But I’m seeing more people trying to convince others to change their thinking to suit theirs, instead of ALL of us taking a long hard look at our own thinking.

Lets start by asking ourselves …

What is YOUR vision for your country ?
What is YOUR hope for our world ?
What do YOU want our political leaders to do for US the people? and HOW do you believe that it can be successfully achieved ?

PLEASE keep in mind that Trump states that he is in power for the people. So the protestors are the people. They may hold different opinions but their voices and concerns matter too.

There’s no denying that we live in a society that’s been fighting for equal rights for MANY decades and YES we are making progress. But our recent confrontation with the male chauvinistic behaviour of the now leader of America has triggered many of us


Because we give a damn !!!

Have you ever asked yourself WHY did America only have Trump and Hilary to choose from?

Have you ever questioned WHY there’s been so much drama and show biz on the political arena?

Accusations about Trumps abuse of women, may be false, but his negative attitude towards women (among other things ) has been blatantly obvious and that’s why people are standing UP and shouting OUT.

Saying ENOUGH !!!

We are no longer buying into the political BULLSHIT of mainstream OR conspiracy media because many of us believe its NOT the way forward. Those women ( and men ) roaring are choosing not to feed their fears.

We focus on HEALING the heart of our world ❀

Diving into our own heads and hearts, instead of watching and following “news”, then claiming to be all knowing and informed. We are taking full responsibility for the bullshit we keep telling ourselves based on social conditioning.

Paving the way forward and creating something NEW for ourselves, our children and OUR WORLD


Of a world where WE the people are OPEN to love and respect everyone regardless of opinions, beliefs, religion, sexuality, culture and status.

A world where both men and women are loving and respectful to each other and themselves.

A world where money and power is NOT the driving force and main motivator.

A world where we refuse to buy into the media and political hype and drama that only creates more fear frenzys, warped sense of reality and deeper woundings of self and othersπŸ’”

Truth is NO ONE knows the truth behind all of this political bullshit, no matter how much research we do. In fact all the research is irrelevant if we ourselves havent experienced it first hand. Research is as biased as our opinions and perspectives are. Because we generally only see what we are looking for and only listen to what we want to hear.

I for one am NOT happy about having a business man with a bad attitude in such an influential leadership role. Because he now has the power to infuence the flock who mindlessly follow.

Lets not forget that we ALL have the right to express our concerns and a GOOD leader will LISTEN and seek solutions instead of all this show biz nonesence we keep seeing.

I may not be well educated in the political arena, but I consider myself to be an everyday working class citizen who, like YOU has valuable insights to share. Insights that are informed by an education and life experiences.

I for one want to have more conversations with those who are living different truths. Ive been having conversations with pilgrims and missionaries who have, and are wandering the world seeing first hand the experiences of refugees from those war torn countries.

Conversations that are opening my eyes to so much LOVE and human kindness. And I hope to travel the globe myself and SEE things as they are first hand with my own EYES.

Truth is its easier to sit in the comforts of our own safe homes, following the world through the media, refusing to see the bigger picture of how WE ourselves are part of the problem.

But …

When we acknowledge that ugly truth, then we begin to be part of the solution 😊

We should fear those who are feeding our fears and NOT those from other countries and cultures, who we “think” threaten our safety.

Because its the everyday people, striving for a better life, who are suffering all over the world, as a result of all this political manipulation and shitty public attitudes.

Attitudes that YOU yourself may also share.

YES !!!

I am WOMAN and hear me roar with rage in my heart because I give a fuck about the world my kids and future generations are growing up in.

And I know that YOU do too.

So I invite you to explore your own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitude and behaviour.

Lets work TOGETHER 😊

Mindfulinteraction ❀

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