Universe is flowing through us


Universe has a way of bringing us to our own attention, and sometimes its with an almighty BANG !!!

My fall on slippery rock the other day winded me and literally shook my very foundation. Two more falls on the same walk certainly captured my attention.

The second fall was on slippery mud, inbetween soft grassy mounds. So I managed to cushion my fall as I slid onto my ass. But the third fall brought me down onto my knees.

Hmmmmmmm … she wondered 🤔

Mother Nature then blew up a storm the next day, prompting me to stay indoors.

Alone, sore and sorry, I didn’t leave the cottage all day. And with no comfort foods, booze or meds to soothe myself, I was forced to literally SIT IN the full discomforts of my body.

Ouchee !!!

The damage is muscular and the pain radiates across my lower back, which connects to my sacrum chakra.

“The sacrum is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection”

OK I’m listening !!!

“The energy of this chakra allows you to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within your body. Allowing you to experience this moment as it is, in its fullness”

OK, you have my full attention !!!

“The main challenge for this chakra is social conditioning. When our feelings are not valued and our passionate reactions are frowned upon. We are learning to “control” instead of flow, which disconnects us from our bodies, feelings and deeper truths.

I’ll be fucked !!!


My body IS communicating with me and Universe IS guiding me through the freaking process. But geeez you could be a little less brutal about it 😦

So, now what ?

Well, it tells me that just as a broken heart serves to break us open to love.

Our physical pains and discomforts serve to bring us closer to our deeper truths.

For me, it reinforces how we ditch the fear and relearn how to flow with love of the Universal kind

Now …

Instead of holding onto the pain and suffering, I choose to focus my attention on opening up and BALANCING my sacral chakra, which (in theory) will increase the energy flow that will support the cellular repair required for healing.

Instead of avoiding myself, blaming others for my own emotional experience (or) seeking out others to help balance my inner state of being, I choose wholeness by nurturing my own mind, body and soul.


And instead of pushing myself and causing more injury, I choose to privilege the experience and be gentle with myself.

HOW do we do this ?

In a variety of different ways but for me …

Although I was in pain last night, instinctively I swayed my hips as I danced around the lounge room (with the occasional ow). But DANCING and movement is a great way to open up this and any other energy center.

Although I craved the presence of another and did reach out in an effort to “connect”, I also indulged in mindful masturbation because it helps me to relax, open up, releases tensions and increases energy flow.

And there’s nothing quite like blowing your own god damn mind !!!

Of course you dont have to make love with yourself …. but why not ?

After all the sacral chakra is ALL about our sensual pleasure


This energy center also influences the flow of our creativity and our emotional state of mind, which suggests that our experiences are influenced by so much more than just our thoughts. For many, changing the way we think seems to be almost impossible. So for some, focusing on how our energy flows may just be the way to achieve change.

However YOU choose to OPEN up and BALANCE your energy

Just do whatever feels most right for YOU 😊


I can honestly say that each time I expose a deeper truth, I fall a little more in love with ME, which is making all the difference for YOU


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