DING DONG the witch is not dead


The spirits of those deemed as “witch” still live on within our own hearts

She’s the fierce voice of truth that challenges your reality. Threatening to burn down everything that you know and the very world in which you live in.

The fire that once caused her death is now the very same fire that Goddess arises from. Women who hear the whisperings of the ancestors, heeding the calling of their hearts and returning home.

Alas, women are still being burned for their radical ways that challenge the norm. But they no longer burn on the fiery stake, surrounded by angry mobs and cheering crowds. Those who stand in fear of what she stands for. Now, she is being burnt by love itself and left alone to confront her own fears.

With a promise of rebirth, if she accepts the hand of death and chooses to walk through the shadow lands, where she will learn her deepest truths. Towards experiences that serve a far greater purpose, that she may not yet fully understand.

Heart breaks that serve to break her heart open

Break downs that serve to break her mind open

Shedding old skin, she steps away from any outdated beliefs that hold her back. Liberating herself from the grasp of those who feel challenged by her self determination.

She becomes the mighty warrior and goes to war within herself. As ego and fear try to silence the truth within her heart. In a constant state of unrest, she desperately digs deeper and deeper. Peeling away years, decades and centuries of programmed bullshit.

Because as women, we have lived according to the stories that have been primarily written by the hand of man. Stories that have influenced our choices and continue to shape our experiences. But those experiences are becoming the very stories that we are writing ourselves. Stories that give women a voice and will become our legacy for future generations.

My darlings, the witch never dies, she is forever reborn

Which is why people fear the spirit of this kind of woman

People fear her because she is the voice of virtue. Living her life with integrity and an honesty, that not everyone can appreciate. She dares to speak with an air of righteousness because she no longer shy’s away from her own short comings, she welcomes them. Basking in the glory of her beautiful complex contradictions and many imperfections.

People fear her because she uses the pain of both loss and death as fuel for our growth. She dares to stand up to the patriarchal systems that seek to silence and suppress her because she no longer stands alone. She senses the presence of a silent army that grows stronger, an energy that surrounds and supports her.

People fear her because she threatens to destroy the institutions that continue to oppress our healing and empowerment. She dares to challenge you and refuses to back down from the fight for our greater good. Standing stronger in her own beliefs and more flexible in her thinking.

The flames will never silence the voice of such women

Because the fire in their belly’s will continue to burn down any out dated thinking that hinders the journey. If you choose to stand in her way, then she will burn you to the ground too.

For she IS the storm

A soul with purpose and she comes to create the change that we seek

She’s here to remind us that the Source of Creation beats to the very same beat of our own hearts. To remind us that the energy of Universe is responsive to and flows through our very own bodies. To remind us that Mother Nature is a part of who we are. To remind us that we are the love that we seek from others. To remind us that regardless of our sex, culture or religion, we are ONE.

She comes to destroy all that no longer serves human kind

Here to set us free from our own hurts and fears, that hold us back in a constant state of suffering. Here to show us the way towards experiencing our own magic. Here to support us in our healing and re-connection to divine love.

She is not a witch, she is WOMAN

Mindful interaction

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