Self reflection helps to steer our thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a healthy direction …


If its something that I shouldn’t say, then I’ve probably already said it. Most likely put it in writing and am very likely to record myself saying it, just incase you didn’t hear me saying it the first time 😜 hahahaha

But, Im learning to love that about me because it reflects the bold ass attitude I lost many years ago. It reflects that I’m sharing my truth a little more confidently, regardless of how it may sound to others. It reflects how I no longer allow the opinions and judgements of others to hold me back from being completely myself.

YES I sometimes say the wrong things
YES I sometimes share half truths
YES I sometimes think irrationally
YES I sometimes feel messy
YES I sometimes fuck up

Don’t we all ?

But I no longer hide from myself. Instead, I hit RECORD and shine a god damn light on myself. So I can see her in all her glory, which is making all the difference.

Everytime I rewatch a recording, I fall a little deeper in love with what I see because I see the real ME 😍

I’ve shared a few of those recordings with you, but most are for my own private viewing. It’s taking my journaling one step further and I’m gaining a little more insight into myself, which better supports my flow in the now and helps to direct my thoughts, emotions and behaviour towards healthier directions.

Do you wish the world was different ?
Do you want more love in the world ?


We either remain part of the problem,
by pointing fingers and blaming others for the problems in our world (or) we become part of the solution,
by focusing on changing ourselves.

“BE the change you want to see in our world”

For fucksake drop the masks
Seek balance within yourself
Dive deeper into your mind
Become conscious about who YOU are
Open up your heart
Feel EVERY emotion that flows
Confront your fears
Better understand your shadow

Because this is how we heal and grow, which changes our world

Mindful interaction ❀

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