A Snail’s Tale


This is a little story about a snail 🐌

It’s one of those fifty shades of grey kinda days in Oxford today. A rainy day that keeps everyone indoors. Its the kinda day we want to be snuggled up under the blanket sharing stories with each other, while sipping a hot cuppa tea.

As I hurried down the garden path towards the rubbish bins. I noticed the snails weren’t indoors and was a little amused to notice how they seemed to be enjoying the wet weather.

So, I bid them a good day and hurried back indoors with a smile ☺

I shared this with my client and she said “I used to call my younger brother, the snail” … and she smiled too ☺

I asked her to tell me about her brother and why she called him that.

She shared …

How he was affectionately given that nick name because as a child, he moved soooo slowly. As she spoke, she smiled as she recalled the fun they had shared together. The snail became symbolic even in his latter years because he walked ever so very slowly. A picture of a snail was placed on the funeral invitations and envelopes for his funeral.

When she finished sharing her story, I smiled and said “then the snails gave us a wonderful gift today”

She looked confused …

I continued to say how the snail had captured my attention on purpose. That sometimes we miss opportunities to connect with spirit because we fail to notice the messages they send us. I told her that I believed that the snail was her brothers way of saying “hello sis” 🤗

She smiled, her eyes sparkled and I thought to myself, thats what we ALL have the ability to share with each other. To help people see the magic that’s both within and around us, so that their own light can shine a little brighter 🌟

Memories are a connection to our past and they are also the key to our future.

So, I thankyou very much Mr Snail and it was very nice to make your acquaintance Bryan. You know, its funny, because as I write these words I have a visual image in my minds eye of an elderly gent nodding his head, as he tips his cap and smiles 😊

Mindful interaction ❤

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