Change is the only constant in life


Change, its in the air again …

Tension rises within me
A conflict between what is and what is becoming
No longer standing at the crossroads
My internal compass guides the way forward
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

My heart feels anxious
Unsure about the road ahead
Uncertain about whats yet to come
Unsettled about how it will come to pass
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

My mind is quiet
Accepting the lack of control
Surrendering to the flow
Fully present in the moments
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

Waiting for answers
Wondering about solutions
Hoping for the best
Preparing ourselves for the worst
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

Old patterns are falling away
New energies are emerging
Consciously releasing what no longer serves me
Understanding the manifestations
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

Universe has heard our prayers
But its difficult to accept the gift which as been delivered
Even harder to appreciate the beauty of the healing experience
So she falls into the abyss and trusts the process of change
Note to self …. BREATHE !!!

Mindful interaction ❤

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