Conversations with spirit


Today, I took myself to Blenheim Palace because I wanted to see the rose gardens and I needed to spend some time with the mighty oaks. I needed to be held by something bigger, stronger and wiser than myself.

I wandered a while, hugged a few trees, followed a trail of white feathers to the rose gardens, smelled the roses and found myself a nice quiet spot to sit.

My uncertainty leaves me feeling weary, so I lay down. Focusing on my breath, I drifted in and out of sleep, sobbing into the grass.

Connecting my heart with Mumma Earth

  After a little while, I sat up and started to write in my journal. As the words flowed onto the paper, the tears continued to flow from my heart.

As a family, our whole world has been shaken up

Our hearts are breaking  for each other

Two ducks waddled over and sat down beside me. I appreciated the company because I was feeling so very alone in my grief. I kept writing and sobbing, but they stayed. One made herself comfortable beside me on the right and the other nestled down behind my back. They closed their eyes and rested beside me. I felt blessed to have them near because their presence offered me a sense of comfort.

When the words eventually stopped flowing and the tears ran dry, I laid myself back down and rested with them. Neither of them stirred as I fidgeted around, making myself comfortable. They were so close, I could reach out and touch their beautiful feathers.

I woke suddenly with a thought … “Jemima Puddle Duck”

Our beloved Grandma (Ma), Mams mother, Violet had a Jemima Puddle Duck on her kitchen window sill. And for years she searched the Sunday markets for a male companion to sit with her, whom she found a week before she fell to the kitchen floor from a massive heart attack.

I asked the ducks “is this you Ma and Da” .. to which they both opened their eyes

The little brown duck gave a little quack, got up and started to waddle off. The bigger duck, looked at me, then followed his mate.

My heart burst open and I cried tears of gratitude

The ducks came to deliver a special message of LOVE

I know the message they gifted me will touch the heart of all my family and friends and I hope it inspires you all to OPEN up to the magic of Nature, Spirit and Universe.

Mindful interaction ❤

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