Sitting on the beach last night, alone with my sorrow and insecurities, I felt HELD ❤ Perhaps it was the warm presence of spirit ?

Sometimes I wish I had the gift of sight. The ability to SEE who sits and walks with me. Oh Mam, how I long to look up and see your face.

Although we shared, there’s still so much left unsaid between us. I miss our conversations about life and love. I’m struggling to shake the regrets from my mind, that continue to torture me. What if you’re the only one who can release me from my suffering ? Will this cold dark of night ever leave my side ? Will I ever feel the warmth of the sun on my heart again ?

Yesterday, I felt the familiar sting of loss and rejection, that triggered my fears and brought a sense of chaos in my mind. Shared truths that created distance and space for other feelings to arise from the depths of my being. Like a wounded child, I sought comfort from my Mam

Hold me 💔

” It’s good to also be aware that Virgo transits can cause us to be more critical than usual – of ourselves & others. So be mindful of how you share your observations, feedback & suggestions with others. ”

I often fail in my interactions because I’m not mindful enough. I wish I’d read Tanishka’s moon wisdoms yesterday. Maybe it would have given me a broader perspective into my feelings and a deeper understanding into my thoughts. Perhaps my conversations would have been more loving and less critical. Maybe I could have avoided the sting of rejection and loss that brought rise to my deeper wounds.

But what if those mindless interactions take us to where we need to go ? To bring our deeper truths from the darkest parts of our hearts 💔

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