I’m lost inside of myself


Whenever my body, mind and heart are in conflict, like they are now. I feel CONFUSED.

So I listen to what my gut instincts are saying, but there’s so much noise going on inside me.

I can’t determine who’s saying what ? ? ? ?

My body wants to feel the warmth of touch
My mind wants to protect me from hurt
My heart wants to open me up to love

And my guts are feeling nauseous !!!

In my confused state, I can neither trust my thoughts or feelings. So, I retreat to my bed and sleep. Falling deeper into my inner world.

Lost inside of myself !!!

Please, I beg. Give me clearer answers so I can move in the right direction. But the questions persist and the answers are not yet known.

There is no escape from my confusion.

Its an unknown space of uncertainty, where I feel the most uncomfortable. My unconscious mind screams the loudest, as truths wriggle and squirm inside of me like a serpent.

The liberation of my consciousness !!!

A shift in perception and a change of heart that promises the clarity of mind and direction.

Trust the process and ……… breathe ❤

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