The journey continues …


A conversation starter that made me wonder, is my beloved on an online dating site ?

I believe that love finds us, if we are OPEN to it and that our beloved arrrives when our soul’s are ready to reconnect in this lifetime.

In all honesty, I’ve never believed that I will find the “one” on a dating site. I’ve used dating sites because I don’t get out alot, socially, so there’s less opportunity to meet men.

Online dating increases our options.

I’ve had some wonderful experiences and have learned so much about myself, thanks to online dating, which is why I probably find myself gravitating towards it when I’m single again.

As a conscious woman, I’m well aware of my needs. Last Saturday night, I was alone in the training house, sipping on wine, feeling lonely. So I went on POF (online dating) to rub my bruised ego and distract my hurting heart. Sure enough the messages soon started to roll in, which still amuses me. Oh yes, there’s plenty of fishes in the sea alrighty, but this little fishy is wondering who is the fish and what’s the bait?

There’s the usual variety of fish in the ocean, its only the faces that change. But its so very reassuring to see more men wanting to engage in conversation. It reflects a shift from ego to heart that’s good to see in the dating world.

Some people are fortunate to find each other young, while others have individual lessons to learn before reconnecting with their beloved.

I believe that our soul mates are any soul that helps us to grow. But I’m still determining my beliefs around the twin flame. Unsure if it is another soul mate connection or the beloved?

Regardless of my beliefs or relationship status, I am a woman on her own journey in love. And its been an interesting one thus far to be sure.

The journey continues ❤

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