I believe, when we open to love, then the love flows


Paris, the city of love ❀ and light 🌟

Mind blowing to think about what’s happened in a space of 1 year. I recall standing in the Notre Dam, where hope and faith was an overwhelming energy that brought me to tears. A feeling that everything was gonna be OK, which is why I couldn’t understand why life then suddenly turned to complete and utter shit !!!

Literally, hours after leaving Paris, I had a call from my sister letting me know that Dad had been rushed to hospital (we almost lost him). Then within hours, another phone call from my other sister letting me know Mam had been rushed to hospital (we almost lost her too).

My faith was tested BIG time !!!

I felt totally helpless at the other side of the world and I was terrified I’d never see either of my parents again. I screamed at the heavens, cursed, begged and prayed to Universe.

They both pulled through, but it was only the beginning of our living nightmare. We lost our Mam and as time unfolded, my relationship came to an end too.

So what the fuck was that feeling I had, that everything was gonna be OK, when it obviously was far from OK ?

I remind myself that I believe loss is the greatest test of our faith. Therefore it’s during these times that life challenges us to walk the talk.

I believe in LOVE ❀ and LIGHT 🌟

Yes, the shit got real and nothing about it was easy, it was a living nightmare afterall. But during the worst time of my life, the love still flowed and the light shone in the darkness.

I’m so very proud of my family because we really are a special bunch of fruits and nuts. Because even in our grief, we choose to believe and share the magic. We know that Mam wouldn’t want it any other way because she believed in the magic. She blessed us with a special something that lives on in our hearts. The tears flow as I write this because she continues to touch my life. Even in spirit she reaches us.

Throughout our lives, Mam has shared many stories about her experiences with spirit. But even though my sisters and I BELIEVE, we’ve always felt a little afraid of the other side. So, our fear has been a barrier, as can our grief be.

But I’m less afraid knowing Mam is there.

Since Mam’s death, I continue to dive deeper into myself, with intentions to OPEN and flow with whatever shows up. In doing so, I notice how I’m feeling life more than thinking about it.

As I let life touch me, I’m experiencing myself differently. It’s not always pleasant or easy, but there’s an honesty about it. I noticed this change during the ending of my relationship.

My relationship was brief in comparison to some, but it was intense. We went through the best and worst of times. The breakup triggered both of our fears and hurts. And it got the usual messy, confusing and bumpy, but I have to say it was the most honest and loving breakup I’ve ever experienced.

An experience that reaffirmed my belief, that when we open to love, it flows ❀

Perhaps being open to the flow of love, is why we both found ourselves connecting with someone else so soon ? Maybe by being completely open and honest about our needs, we attracted what we needed ?

What if it really is that simple ?

Even though we have lost our beloved Mother to cancer and my relationship ended. I still feel Mam’s love and spirit energy flowing. I’m grateful for the love lessons from my previous relationship. And I’ve been blessed with another soulful click and special love connection.

So, maybe everything really is gonna be OK ?

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