We are ALL here to shine our light on the world


Frustration suggests that something NEEDS to change. So, I get excited when Lilith energy starts to stir, because I experience her as the energy I need to shift something within me.

We feel this energy in our root chakra, which is at the base of our spine. This is the element of fire, so no wonder my sexual appetite has been increasing. It’s an energy that feels warm to hot, depending upon what we’re passionate about and what we’re willing to burn for.

Although this base chakra grounds us, it’s also considered to be the RED button for kundalini.

According to Carl Jung, “Kundalini in psychological terms, is that which makes you go on the greatest adventures.”

Mindful masturbation is how I’ve consciously activated my kundalini, with intentions to raise the energy up towards the crown chakra. But I’m not here to talk about that today. Last night I was pondering over our fear of both the dark and the light. Contemplating about how and why I have given my power to shine away.

It makes sense to be afraid of the dark, but why are we so afraid to shine TOO brightly ?

Are we afraid of being seen ?
Are we afraid of being different ?
Are we afraid of being judged ?

I’ve noticed how my love, light, positivity and optimism has challenged people, just as much as my fear, wounds and darkness does.

I wonder, WHY ?

So, I take more notice of my own behaviours.

I have noticed my own reactions to others who are shining brightly and succeeding in life. And I can sway on either side of the pendulum.

Sometimes I am INSPIRED and other times I want to look away. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated and struggling with my own life, seeing others happy and succeeding can make me feel like I’m failing or missing out.

I know how my reactions to others, depends upon how I’m thinking and feeling, which is why I explore myself so deeply. Because I want to BE and DO better for YOU aswell as for ME ❀

I’ve noticed how the discomforts of others can make me feel uncomfortable. My light dimming a little as I step back and withdraw into myself. And I’ve noticed how censorship and silence triggers my doubt, shame and guilt.

I hear myself say …

How dare you say something so bold !!!
How dare you do something so different !!!
How dare you dream so big !!!
How dare you want for that !!!
How dare you shine so brightly !!!

Hmmmmmm πŸ€”

Most of the judgement actually comes from myself because I am my biggest critic. So, why am I afraid of shining TOO brightly ?

Because the people pleaser is conscious about what people expect of her and she’s mindful of how her light will make other people feel.

Note, how I use third person …

Because although I acknowledge the presence of people pleaser, I no longer resonate with this part of my psyche. Yes, she still has something to say, but she holds less power over me.

Lilith reminds us to take back our power 🌟

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