NEW MOON is niggling at me


Although I DO enjoy my work, I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling to settle into this long contract and look forward to my time off. Yesterday I was struggling to be here and wanted to be elsewhere. But I was here, alone and forced to confront myself. I wrote about my challenges in my journal and don’t feel the need to share it. But I will say that I’m feeling the intense energy of this months NEW MOON 😜

Frustrations around not being where I want to be and uncertainty about the future, triggered some of my fears, poked at the sensitivities of my healing wounds and made me FEEL things.

Things that upset me
Things that hurt me
Things that I’m afraid of
Things that make me angry
Things that confuse me
Things that challenge me
Things that confront me
Things that are CHANGING me

I’m not always OK …Sometimes I’m a mess and I feel so very alone on my journey. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night and sometimes I need to howl at the moon …. and that’s OK !!!

For too long we’ve been silenced
Our truth has been hushed
We have hidden parts of ourselves
Shame and guilt eating us from the inside

Sit down
Shut up
Don’t make a fuss
Keep the peace
Be polite
Mind your manners
Think positive
Look for the good

NO !!!

It’s time to take FULL responsibility for our experiences. To OWN what we think and how we feel. To allow our tears to flow from the heart and our screams to bellow from the guts.

Don’t hide it
Don’t avoid it
Don’t fear it
And don’t you dare be ashamed of it !!!

FLOW with whatever rises for YOU because …

It’s how we shine light on our shadow.
It’s how we RELEASE what no longer serves us. It’s how we transcend the fear and RISE in love. It’s how we BALANCE our inner polarities
It’s how we HEAL ourselves ❤

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