Our body communicates with us


I’m learning so much by consciously and intentionally going with the flow. Becoming more aware of my thoughts, feelings, energy, behaviour, intentions, interactions and my influence on others. I continue to learn how to better understand myself. Learning how to listen to my body. Noticing how I crave for certain things, how I choose to comfort myself and how it then effects me. Noticing how Universe is constantly communicating with us.

The Solar Plexus is considered to be our power centre, so this chakra can become blocked and unbalanced whenever we feel powerless. So, its of no great surprise that while in the midst of turmoil, I noticed changes around my guts.

During our family ordeal, I noticed how I put alot of weight on my stomach. And as I slowly loose the weight, I’m noticing how memories, thoughts and emotions flow to the surface.

…. for HEALING ❀

During the moon cycles, I notice how certain themes come into my focus. And as I strive towards my BIGGER dreams, I notice how I’m guided inwards towards energetic blockages.

…. for RELEASING 🌟

Those baked beans last night did more than give me stinky farts 🀣 it brought me to my own attention. As memories, thoughts and feelings rise to the surface. I notice my usual “bad habits,” which are my cravings for sugar, scotch, sex and my soul mate, carbs 😜

Although, at times I still respond to those cravings, I’ve noticed other “healthier” cravings. For example, this week, I’ve fancied lemon and ginger (I’ve never liked ginger) and a strong desire to expose my skin to the SUNSHINE 🌞

My unhappy guts got me thinking πŸ€”

So, I explored the metaphysical mind-body  connection. Just as I thought, my physical manifestations suggest that my Solar Plexus has been activated. A realization that brings new meaning to my experience.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself because I feel unwell. I’m more mindful and empowered by the internal SHIFT. Knowing this enables me to better support the energetic process.

I can work with the appropriate crystals during meditation, reflect and journal. For me (as an expressive person open to share), writing and talking about my experiences is how I make the unconscious known, which helps with the reprogramming of my mind. It also helps to identify the limiting belief, making the shift from fear to love more tangible.

DIVINE timing as usual because NEW MOON is all about diving in, to reflect on our shadow during the dark moon. And as we get closer to the Summer Solstice, NOW is the time to be OPENING up to those juicy Universal energies.

Gratitude for the baked beans πŸ™ 🀣

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