“Dark Goddess moves within me, bringing the fruit of the hidden”


What if I told you there was so much more to your menstral cycle than you realize.

Our menstral cycle flows with the ebb and flow of the moon for a reason. Women are innately connected to the Source of all Creation by our ability to create life. During dark moon we are naturally guided inwards, to reflect and work on our shadow. To make the unconscious known.

I strongly believe that PMS is not something to be suffered. Our symptoms is how our body is communicating with us. Our experiences are ALL influenced by the thoughts we are thinking, the emotions we are/aren’t feeling and the energy that is/isn’t flowing through our bodies.

That’s why the power is within YOU 🌟

Just as light and shadow is within us all, so is Dark Goddess energy. Anyone diving in with intention to change, shift, transform and heal will naturally evoke these darker energies.

The voice you hear inside your mind saying that Dark Goddess is evil, isn’t your own. It’s the conditioned mind warning you away from these powerful energies because in the not so distant past, men have feared the innate power women have to co-CREATE with Universe.

Sometimes I’m not conscious of which energy is flowing, but I am aware of a “source” of energy. So it’s something I’m called to explore and relearn. I say relearn because alot of what I learn, stirs a deeper sense of knowing.

No, I’m not crazy 😜

Well, not any crazier than I usually am 🤣

The energy of different Dark Goddess helps us to release our minds from limiting beliefs, to rise and transcend from our greatest fears and to heal our deepest wounds. When we OPEN up to this energy we notice the changes within.

It’s why I dive in and explore the darker corners of my mind. It’s why I FEEL the deepest hurts in my heart. It’s why I’m open to flow with life.

Because it’s how we experience more LOVE ❤ and it’s how our LIGHT shines brighter 🌟THIS is the journey home for ALL women 😊

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