A hangover is your body’s way of reminding you that you’re an idiot


I had reiki yesterday avo, to help balance my overwhelming energy and calm my mind. During the session, I felt the usual benefits on my busy brain. Afterwards she said she could literally feel my head pulsating (no surprise).

I noticed some of my darker thoughts rising to the surface, which made me think to myself, thankgod people can’t read my mind. I drifted on/off inbetween worlds and felt my mind and body relax. When I turned over onto my belly, I noticed a need to take deeper breaths, as if my lungs needed to be reinflated with air.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Metaphysics, different emotions affect certain organs. Grief being associated to the lungs, so its no surprise that she felt heat there and I intuitively felt the need to deepen my breath.

After the session I had a walk, which got some energy moving around. Meeting the gang at the pub for a Friday sesh (not very wise after reike)

I got a little too drunk on whiskey 😜

Left my glass on the table and wandered off without telling anyone. Emotions were flowing, so I let them go while walking under the luminescent light of the Moon. Then decided to lay myself down on a patch of grass on the roadside, listen to music and star gaze.

To be honest, I was happily blissing out, but had caused a bit of worry back at the pub and concern when they didn’t find me on the road or at home (me bad). I was fine and dandy but poor Dave fell into nettles on his walk back down the road to find me. Fortunately he was a little too drunk on cider, so lessened the sting.

The moral of the story is, I shouldn’t have drank so much whiskey if I wanted to gain the full benefits from reike. But, forever the opportunist I see it as a perfect opportunity to share the after glow of reike and the after math of booze. Dave, you are one lucky bastard waking up to this Troll Goddess in the morning 🤣

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