Changing perspectives


July 8th 1972 was the day our parents wed. So today is their 46th Wedding Anniversary. They fell in love 50 years ago and no matter what, their love flows stronger than ever. So, today like every other day I celebrate the LOVE ❤

… but my heart weeps because we cannot celebrate the love, without also acknowledging our loss 💔 No matter how much we believe that you’re with us in spirit, my heart still feels the sorrow in our grieving hearts. Because we can’t see, hear, smell or touch you in the same way. You were the one who taught us about spirit, but learning how to live in a world without your physical presence, is proving to be more challenging to do because damn it, there’s so much of you to miss 😔

But my grief guides me deeper into myself, to the core of my wound. I visualize my inner child, alone in the world without her Mother, feeling lost and abandoned. A wound I was oblivious to in the past, but I can now see how it has bled over into all other relationships in my life. The cause of unhealthy attachments and codependent relationships. No longer able to deny my truth, I can only SURRENDER to it.

“It’s not the wound that teaches, it’s the healing”

Having suffered the sting of loss many times before, I understand and appreciate that LOSS teaches us things that love alone cannot teach. Loss guides us towards the core of our own suffering, to the wounds that causes our pain.

I believe the abandonment wound is collective. A sense of disconnection from Mother Earth and the Divine Source of Creation. And a lack of self love and wholeness within ourselves.

So, today, I celebrate the LOVE that still flows between our parents. A love that will forever and always flow through us. I also feel our LOSS but I surrender to the lesson. Celebrating the healing of our deeper collective wounds ❤

I know I think and behave differently to most, but I am no longer afraid to STAND in the vulnerability of my truth. I release any shame or guilt that threatens to dim my light. I am no longer afraid of the dark because the more darkness we make conscious, the brighter our lights shine, guiding the way for others 🌟

Happy Anniversary Mam and Dad. I love you both so very much, FOREVER and ALWAYS ❤

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