Todays conversation with Universe


Browsing through my facebook memories this morning, I read a blog I wrote this time last year. Dad was sitting in the lounge room with me, so I read it out loud.

They are words that reflected my inner conflict at the time of Mam’s end of life. Words that triggered my inner tensions around saying goodbye to Dad soon. Words that brought emotions to the surface, providing another opportunity for us to talk openly about our conflicting thoughts and feelings about death and loss. Dad and I have had afew of these chats while I’ve been staying here.

On the drive to see my cubs, I cried all the way there. A release of emotion that helped lighten my heavy heart. I shared openly with my cubs and hugged them a little tighter today. 

Then I spent afew hours in my own company at the beach. I enjoyed a refreshing dip in the ocean, bathed my naked body under the sun, collected some shells because I was inspired to create a spiral. While gathering the shells, I noticed something silver in the sand …

It was a mother of pearl spiral pendant.

The Spiral is a universal sacred symbol that represents: the cosmic force and deeper understandings. A doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, spiritual journey, evolution, birth and death. Taking a labyrinth-like passage that leads to the Source.

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