Those who keep learning will continue to RISE !!!


My daughter and I were talking about Other Worldly magic yesterday. I shared some of my conversations with spirit and afew of Mam’s spiritual experiences. Reminding us both about the magic that flows within and around us.

After our conversation I pondered πŸ€”

As a family, we each ride our own waves of grief, yet we share in the same loss because the same special someone is missing from our lives πŸ’” Even though I believe Mam’s still with us in spirit, there’s still so much to miss about Marjorie Fletcher because she was such a BIG part of our lives. She was the matriach of our family and loosing her shattered the world as we knew it and EVERYTHING has changed !!!

None of us are the same person we once were

Perhaps that’s the point ?

Loss being the kind of change we DON’T want to experience, yet must learn to accept. 

Hmmmmmmm πŸ€” she ponders

Admittedly, I choose to focus on the CHANGE more than the loss itself. I make this choice consciously because my intention is growth.

But change and growth isn’t always easy !!!

Whenever I’m confronted with a challenging experience, I seek to understand how and why it’s changing me. I’m often told I dive TOO deep and I think TOO much, but I seek to understand the influence we have on each other and how it changes our worlds because I believe …

” WE are the change we seek in this world ”

As a collective, we can ALL resonate with the pain of loosing someone we love. And that’s what motivates me to share some of my own personal tensions, realizations, conflicts,  challenges and insights. I write because it helps me to process my experience. I share to support others on their journey, and to make others feel less alone in their own struggles.

Truth is, sometimes I’m a right fucking mess !!!

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

As I process and feel my way through grieving the loss of Mam and adjusting to a new life, here in the UK without my family and friends, I notice how I sometimes struggle with myself.

Life IS a wonderful adventure, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings.

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

Our parent’s terminal cancer diagnosis, Mam’s death and Dad’s ongoing fight has forced us to dig deep. To confront and transcend our worst fears and live a life that continues to challenge us. Like you, I’m not immume to dark thoughts, heavy emotions and bad moods. But I notice my struggle whenever I’m conflicted between old limiting beliefs and my truth, which provides me with an opportunity to choose.

I either fall back into old habits (or) respond in a new way and I don’t always choose wisely !!!

…. and there’s no shame in admitting that ❀

Sometimes my unhealthier coping strategies and defence mechanisms drag me back. But like all of our habitual changes, recognizing our inner tensions and conflicts reflects growth.

Breaking free from the limitations of my mind, and expanding my consciousness is a process that continues to challenge me. I notice how I begin to question my reality and rationalize the unfathomable whenever my mind doesn’t fully understand what it is that I’m experiencing.

Some of my experiences are Other Worldly and like any writer, these are the experiences that motivate me to write and share my stories.

β˜†Λœ”*βŠαƒ“βŠΛšβœ².✲ β€Ώ.βœ²Λšβ€βŠαƒ“βŠ*”Λœβ˜† ƸӜƷ β˜† ~β€’~β€’β˜† I want YOU to experience the magic 😊

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