The longings of my soul


She’s not to be found in the words she writes,
because she lives within a story
that expands far beyond those pages.

You’ll find parts of her
somewhere between the lines,
where the truth is yet to be written.

She’s the kinda poetry in motion
to be tasted and experienced.

A contradiction of complexities
that stimulates the appetite.

Pure of heart with devilish tendancies.

A sinful delight for those
who fancy dipping their toes
into the depths of themselves.

Once tasted, the experience will linger
long after she’s gone.

Her soul igniting the flames
of your own passions and purpose.

You’ll discover aspects of her within yourself,
and search for her in others.

She’ll either satisfy your hunger,
or leave you feeling starved of her affections,
whilst giving you an appetite for more.

Because her love expands
far beyond the carnal pleasures of flesh,
and the romantic attachments of your heart.

She’s a soulful lover,
who has caressesed every part of you
with her loving intentions.

Unafraid of the darkness
and accepting of your imperfections.
Knowing, that she too is magnificently flawed.

With a deep desire to grow in love,
she hopes you’ll read between the lines
and find her beyond the pages.

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