Our destiny is written in the stars, but our fate depends upon the truths in our heart


Van life …

It’s no secret that I don’t always enjoy my solitude. Sometimes I struggle to be in my own company and seek escape. But for years I’ve fantasized about living the gypsy life in a van.

To explore new work and life possibilities. To write and create my kinda magic. Like other desires of my heart, it manifested into reality. Perhaps not in the way I had hoped. In truth, it rarely does, but its a reality none the less.

There’s hope in knowing that ❤

I ride waves, which is why I need solitide the most when I don’t want it at all. I flow with natural cycles and seasons, because my destiny is written in the stars. But my fate is guided by my own heart and the lessons my soul seeks. I believe more than ever that Universe guides my choices, because when I overcame my fear of death, I had to then learn how to trust life. In my grief I’m learning how to transcend my fears and BE the love I seek.

The heaviness of my flaws, faults, failings and fuck ups have lifted. And I’ve been feeling very poetic the last few days. Perhaps I’ve been inspired by the recent book I read? “Me, myself and Lord Byron.” Maybe after my descent into shadow last New Moon, creative juices are flowing this Full Moon? Perhaps I released? Maybe I did the work and now reap the reward of my creative expression?

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful ❤

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